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I am participating with a little experiment that was brought to my attention by my favorite PSU librarian, Ellysa Cahoy. You can read details at her blog, but suffice it to say that she sent me some questions to answer and I will provide answers here. In addition, if you comment that you would be interested in being interviewed by me, I will send you some questions, you post the answers with a trackback to my blog, and the cycle continues. Anyway, here goes:

1.  What kind of student were you, and has this impacted how you teach your students? 

I guess if you get a Ph.D. you could not have been too bad a student, so I was pretty good. I was hot and cold about courses, and the teacher had to really get me interested otherwise I would shut down. I think that what this has done to me is make me uncomfortable not having dialogue. I start feeling strange and awkward whenever I am doing a lot of talking. I am not saying I don't talk a lot in class (I am an academic after all), but I often find myself trying to control that impulse.

2. Is more synchronous conversation online (via Facebook,Twitter, etc..) making less-synchronous blogs the soon-to-be equivalent of obsolete Geocities pages?

I don't think so only because the tools have different affordances. For example, it is hard for me to keep a record of my tweets, they are ephemeral and have to be short (see question #2), so I can't go into depth. I think the way that we adopt technology is that when it first comes out we use it for everything and think it will take over, then we realize that it is only good for what it is good for, but it is good for that. We find the niche the technology fits in our life and is sets up residence. It is like books. All these new technologies have not killed books, just changed how and when we use them (at least for now).

3. Have you ever achieved the elusive 'Twoosh'?  (and if you have, please complete your answer to this question in exactly 140 characters.) ;)

I have made twooshes on occasion, but do not take the challenge of the zen twitter masters koan of making the twoosh the only tweet to make.

[Side note - had to go to twitter to make that one work out.]

4. You're offered $5000 a month for life, BUT with the qualification that you may only use Windows-based computers (and no iPhone, either) for the rest of your life.  Your decision?

No chance. It would be like sawing off part of my brain, and you can't pay me enough for that.

And just because not every question has to be tech / ed related...

5.  What's your favorite children's book to share with your kids?

Well, we are reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets as a family right now. If we are talking picture books, I am classicist: Where the Wild Things Are or Goodnight Moon. 

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