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The power of the iPhone is its portability and connectivity. The way I imagine this working to support teacher education is prospective teachers are in a classroom to do observations in order to understand inquiry science pedagogy. The teacher is doing a lab with students working in groups. Prospective teachers with an iphone would be asked to follow different student groups and collect videotape of how those students were engaged in the activity. When class is over, all students can then transfer their video to the instructors' laptop. Then the class can analyze the lesson looking not just at the teacher or one group, but at any group in the class. You could, for example, ask prospective teachers to make hypothesis about student learning based on the video of one group and then "test" those hypotheses with video of other groups.

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from iPhones in education at Aus Mac Ed on March 9, 2007 10:34 PM


Thanks for the encouragement. I need to get myself a little more regular.

There are not too many education apps built just for the iPhone. However, if you have an iPhone I would look at

This is a web-based lesson planning system for school districts. The cool thing is they now have built in support for iPhone monitoring. This means that principals or district administrators can walk into any classroom and pull up a teacher's lesson plans. The interface is built just for iPhone rendering. You can touch a button and provide instant feedback to the teacher. And best of all the lesson plan system is very easy to use for the teacher (they use a web browser to add lesson plans). It has many built-in things that make lesson planning easy (standards, embedded curriculum guides, etc.).

Checkout their website for more info:

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