Doctoral Candidate in Marketing and Operation Research
Pennsylvania State University

I am a doctoral candidate in Marketing and Operation Research at Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University.

Research Interests
  • Methodological Interests: Developing Segmentation Models featuring Variable Selection, Spatial Models, Psychometric Models, Bayesian Statistics.
  • Managerial Interests: Market Segmentation, Service Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Online Consumer Evaluation and Text Mining.


    R Code Website for Bayesian Segmentation Methods for Heterogeneous Drivers: Link
    Kim, Fong, and DeSarbo (2012), "Model based segmentation featuring simultaneous segment level variable selection", Journal of Marketing Research , 49 (5), 725-736.
    Kim, Blanchard, DeSarbo, and Fong (2013), "Implementing Managerial Constraints in Model Based Segmentation: Extensions of Kim, Fong, and DeSarbo (2012) with an Application to Heterogeneous Perceptions of Service Quality", Journal of Marketing Research, 50 (5), 664-673.