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2201 Princeton Station Rd.

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The Farm:

    The Miller's Blueberry Farm has been a family run and owned business since 1986.  Primary owner's Mark and Sherri Miller, along with the help of their four sons, manage and maintain this acre crop of berry goodness.  It is nestled in its own little rural corner outside of New Castle, Pennsylvania, with the backdrop of swaying corn and alfalfa fields.  The season usually begins mid-July and will run for about a month.  The field is opened to the public as soon as the bellows from the neighbor's rooster begins, and ends with the last rays of sunlight escaping over the horizon.  Children are laughing and playing hide and seek, while elder women share ideas on how to perfect the pie crust.  Age aside, no one leaves without a BLUE smile on their face.  One unique characteristic of Miller's is that it is run on a pick your own basis.  This gives customers the chance to turn the job of picking into a memorable family experience, which many revisit each year as a result.  With the popularity of the blueberry increasing each year with all the health raves and reports on its medical benefits, so does the demand to keep up by the farm.  With a mailing list of over two thousand that reaches as far as California to Florida, there are no signs of slowing down.  So come out to the far reaches of Pennsylvania and have a berry on us.

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BlueBerry Facts

The United States produces over 200 million pounds of blueberry commercially each year.

Vacinnium is the blueberry family and consist of about 450 different varieties.
Blueberries contain large amounts of antibacterial and antiviral compounds.
North America produces 90% of world blueberry production.


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