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Some Of My Favorites:

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I've been collecting the new figures since about 1996.  My first figure of the new batch was Luke Skywalker in X-wing gear.  I still have some of my vintage stuff from when I was just a wee lad.  I started collecting again because I think it brings back a little of my childhood.

Vaughn's Old Stuff

My collection consists of mostly carded figures however I do have some loose figures...If I really like the figure, I'll keep one carded and open another.  My collection is currently on display in my home office.

Vaughn's Office

I attended my first "convention" in 2001.  I went to the Pittsburgh Comicon in April.  I met a few of my fellow collectors that I had been corresponding with.  I met a few of the cast members and picked up a few autographs.  Check out my ever growing autograph collection here.  Since then, Ive attended the 2002 Star Wars Preview at Toy Fair in NYC, 2002 Pittsburgh Comicon, and Celebration 2 in Indianapolis.

Collecting is getting more and more frustrating though...stuff is too hard to find and its expensive!! Ive come home empty-handed from Wal-mart and Target too many times. That's the main reason I started the Tatooine Traders Guild at Sandtroopers.com in March of 2001.  I wanted a place where I could trade with fellow collectors to "redistribute the wealth."  When I ascended to webmaster of Sandtroopers, I passed on responsibilities of the trading area to my buddy Zack...but he eventually left ST.

For "personal" reasons, I left Sandtroopers in August of 2002.  I have been doing some freelance work and consulting at www.AllTroops.com and www.thebothanspy.com.   Drop by and check out these great sites run by people who do it for the "right" reasons. I've met a lot of really great people working with the sites.

Through my involvement with Sandtroopers, I was able to attend the Hasbro showroom for Toy Fair 2002...where the Elusive Toy Fair Vader first popped up.  I got my minty Toy Fair Vader autographed by Dave Prowse at Celebration 2. 

I had the great opportunity to go to Celebration 2 with the guys from the PA Star Wars Collecting Society ( www.pswcs.com ).  We had a "fan club" table which got us some SWEET perks...no lines, associate or exhibitor badges, and VIP treatment.  It made life a lot less frustrating!  Check out my coverage at sandtroopers by clicking here.

Just before the end of the exhibit, I had the opportunity to make it to NYC to see the Smithsonian's traveling exhibit "Star Wars: The Magic of the Myth."  I took a bunch of pictures and put together another "feature" for sandtroopers.  Check out that coverage here.  The exhibit featured costumes, artwork, and models from the five Star Wars movies.  The exhibit made its last US stop in NYC and now the show is playing at the Powerhouse Museum in Australia.

My trips to Celebration 2 and the Magic of the Myth show piqued my interest in the world of Star Wars concept art.  I currently own the four art portfolios for EP1, ANH, ESB, and ROTJ, as well as 6 Ralph McQuarrie Lithographs.  I have also picked up Dave Dorman's excellent "Dewback Patrol" Litho from the Special Edition of A New Hope.  Im running out of wall space!

My 6 McQuarrie Concept Prints      Dave Dorman's Dewback Patrol and C2 Autographed Photos

Currently I Collect:

3 3/4" Figures

12" Imperials

Ralph McQuarrie Art


Action Fleet

Star Wars Books

Currently, most of my collection lives in boxes in the closet...hopefully someday that will change (Man, I need a basement!).

My closet

  Some pictures of my displayed collection:

Display Shelves

Display Shelves Display Shelves





Tusken Raiders



Ive found some great ways to store and display the collection...  

I recommend:

Real Stands are great for displaying loose figures...since almost none of them can stand on their own!   You can also get them (cheaper) from the Fan Club (swfan.wizards.com)

Protectopack Cases fit most figures (except for figures with VERY large bubbles).  They're thicker and sturdier than Star Cases and are a one-piece design. 

The Ultarama is a great way to display your loose collection.  You can print your own 8x10 backgrounds and insert them to create any diorama you wish.  Ive created an Imperial scene and a Tantive IV scene on mine. 

Ultarama   Ultarama

  • Sterilite Containers

Sterilite containers are CHEAP and available at a wally-world near you. I found the 90QT/85L tub holds 30 cased figures perfectly.

  • Bait Box "Matebox" Tackle Boxes

Bait Box tackle boxes are great for storing loose figures, micro machines, LEGOs, etc...  These particular tackle boxes can be snapped together to make a 2-sided storage unit...and they're clear!  

  • Plastic Business Card File Sheets

The business card file sheets are designed to hold business cards in a 3-ring binder but they are PERFECT for Force Files.  They're pretty cheap... enough pages to hold 50 force files for about 2 bucks.

Me and Michonne Bourriague (Aurra Sing)  AMY ALLEN...  AAYLA SECURA
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