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The Embryology Project provides youth with a unique opportunity to learn about life before and after birth. Through hands-on involvement in the incubation and chick brooding process, students learn to care for and respect living things.

The avian embryo is amazing and exciting. In only three weeks, a small clump of cells with no characteristic features of any single animal species changes into an active, newly hatched chick. A study of this transformation is educational and interesting, and gives us insight into how humans are formed.

This program will help you study the formation of the egg and the avian embryo. It provides incubation instructions. The incubation procedures show you the effects of heat, moisture, and ventilation upon the development of the chick embryo.

This site was created to provide teachers with the necessary information to be successful with this project. It is recommended that you go sequentially through the site the first time you participate in the program. You can navigate through this site by selecting any of the topics in menu on the left.

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