The Birth of a Tractor

Paint and Reassembly


I figured this was a good time to start another page to document the reassembly. After a week, I found out that my paint was on backorder, so I decided to have some mixed at my local auto parts store. Because it uses hardener, I figured it's probably better paint anyway. I spent the week getting things cleaned up and primed, then spent the day on Saturday painting.

And Starting reassembly:


Today I worked on installing the heat shield around the muffler, hood, and decals I had made up. I also installed the travel control valve, brake, and steering cylinders.


Tonight we got all of the wiring figured out and installed. The old wiring harness was such a nightmare, so Brian and I salvaged what we could, and with a little help from the Ingersoll 446 schematic, pretty much made our own. I was pretty impressed when I turned the key one position and the lights turned on, then, turned it to the start position and the engine kicked over!!!


It's been a fun project, and I can't believe it's almost done. Last night, Brian and I worked the plumbing. Today we both left work early so that we could try and get everything finished up. We got everything together today and it LIVES!!!! (well sort of.) I was able to drive around the yard a couple of times before the hydraulics lost power. Best I can figure is that the hydraulic pump that came in the "Ebay sacrificial tractor" was bad. Not to worry, I have one on the way with a little help from a friend. The Bad news is that I will not be able to take it to the PA Plow Day tomorrow. I got a video of it that I will post on Monday when I go back to work and down load it off the video camera. Meanwhile, here's a few pics of the finished product:

Everything's completed, except for some fine tuning so as promised, I've taken some videos of it in operation.




After using this tractor for a month or so, it was time to fine tune it. The stock hydraulic pump on the 446 was rated at 9 GPM. This worked well in the 446, but with the addition of power steering, and the FEL, I felt it would be better suited with a slightly larger pump as well as a couple of flow dividers. Back to Surplus Center I go to research pumps and flow dividers. I ordered a 14 GPM pump and a 4 GPM priority flow divider. I already had a 2 GPM flow divider for the steering, so this should work well.

I took the output from the pump into the input of the 2 GPM divider on the steering circuit. Out of the excess of this divider to the input of the 4 GPM divider on the FEL. Then, out of the excess from this divider to the Travel Control Valve.

I'm pretty happy with this set up now, however it could always use a larger engine <grin>. I can finally consider it done. I'm even digging up little rocks out of the yard!!



In June of 2010, I acquired a 19 HP Kubota diesel engine. Click here to see the Heart Transplant!