The Birth of a Tractor

Heart Transplant!

ArticIngerCase gets a Kubota Diesel


In June of 2010, I finally found a D662 19 HP Kubota Diesel on Ebay. After watching it for a couple of days, I decided to go for it. No guts, no glory. Long story short, I won the auction and within days, the engine was on the way to PA. I had a friend in the machine shop at work help with the adapter to mount the hydraulic pump to the flywheel. It already had the bell housing so the rest was already done.

While he was working on that, I made the motor mounts and started ordering parts like the radiator, muffler, etc. When the time was right that I could live without the tractor for a little while, I tore it all apart and removed the hood, Onan gas engine, and console.

Next, I needed to see exactly if, and where the new engine was going to fit. I made up a make shift hoist using an electric winch and a bunk of scaffolding and gently lowered it into place. I set it as close to the axle as I could, and the oil pan just fit between the frame rails.

After seeing that it would fit, I had to grind off the old mounts

and bolt the homemade motor mounts to the Kubota engine and test fit everything.


Next, since the new engine is liquid cooled, I needed to make room for a radiator, and then figure out how I was going to get all of this under the hood!! I ground off the old mounts for the hood and the hydraulic cooler, and was able to make a mount for the radiator. It wasn't until later that I found out that the radiator I picked out wasn't big enough, but that's another story.

I was able to make it all fit before I had to take everything back apart for paint.


After prep and paint, it looked like this



It's been a little while since I installed the Kubota diesel and all is well. I had to install a larger radiator and fan due to some over heating issues. I've also added a roof, front controls, steering wheel, Ag tires, and a quick detachable bucket. I also made it so that I could attach my hydraulic power angle 54" snow plow.