Penn State Tools

POPsickle - delete PSU access e-mail messages

Work - change password, edit PH entry, and reset ACL

Other Tools

IBM PC and PS/2 POST Codes - a list of the startup error codes

PC Reference Guides

The RefTM Drive and Controller Guide - links to info and manufacturers' sites for optical and hard drives, and controller cards

Tom's Hardware Guide - a guide to CPUs, RAM, and motherboards

Helpful PC Resources - helpful PC resources from Cornell University

Macintosh Reference Guides

Everything Macintosh - links to everthing Mac related

MacDirectory - Job Opportunities - a database of Mac job openings and postings

MacTech's Job Listings/Resources Available - a combination help wanted / jobs wanted listing from MacTech magazine

MacTech's Programmer's Challenge - a monthly programming challenge from MacTech magazine

Steven Bairstow's Home Page