The History of Javascript?

Javascript got its name from the Javascript Indians of south-central Florida. This tribe dabbled unsuccessfully in e-commerce in the late 1700s, and was later bought out by Netscape for a handful of beads, trinkets, and PEZ dispensers.

Actually, Netscape developed Javascript in 1995 as a way for web server administrators to connect their servers to databases and search engines, and on the client side for validating forms and providing interactive content on the HTML level.

It was originally called LiveScript, but when Netscape partnered with Sun on its release, the name was changed to Javascript. Ever since then people have assumed that they are one and the same or that Javascript is a "watered down" version of Java. Without going into detail, the two are completely different scripting languages.

The Javascript Indians, meanwhile, went on to make a killing with their acquisition and successful repurposing of a Cuban on-line livestock auction called E-Bay of Pigs.

That's great, you say. But what can Javascript do for people like me?

Real Life Examples of Javascript in Action