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Sorry folks, not much on this page yet!!

I'll put my history of insulator collecting on-line when I get opportunity. In the meanwhile, please enjoy the pictures.

A Hemingray-42 Lives On

Cat 5 on a 42

With all the recent comments and commentary regarding "common" insulators on ICON these days I took a 'lowly' Hemingray 42 out of retirement and place it back into 'active' duty.

Here you see a Hemingray-42 in Hemingray Blue (hard to tell in image due to light reflections and copious amounts of train smoke on it) soldiering on in its duty, only now instead of a no. 12 copper wire it is holding up a Cat 5 network cable.

Far more data passes thru this cable every hour than it ever did while in Western Union telegraph service. I harvested this CD154 with sharp drip points from a retired WUT line along the Erie-Lackawna RR in northeastern PA around 1980.









Unidentified Foreign Piece

Cat 5 on a 42

This piece was given to me by some friends after their recent trip to Estonia.

Apparently they planned to bring back several pieces but due to weight and other restrictions they were only able to provide this piece. They promise to bring more back from future trips!

I haven't been able to identify this unipart porcelean piece. There are some numbers weakly incused and barely visible in this image. There is also a weakly incused symbol that is unidentifiable that may be cyrillic writing or a company logo. The color is a nice chocolate brown.













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