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Hilary is difficult to photograph because she is all black. She is rarely as thoughtful as she appears to be in the photo. Her favorite leisure-time activity is, of course, sleeping. She was born in 1992 and came to us through PAWS when she was just a few months old.
Molly is a striped or ringleted cat. She goes by many names--Moll, Mollusk, Nittany Moll, Mollhampton, and Molly-cule, to name just a few. She was born in 1995 and lived with an elderly couple (who called her Peanut) until they were no longer able to care for her. We adopted her through PAWS in 1998.
Amy is a rather splotchy tortoise-shell. She can best be described as loving, gentle, even-tempered, and having the IQ of a house plant. Another PAWS adoptee, she was "born in captivity" in 1999 as a shelter cat. She enjoys sitting in the window and watching Mr. Squirrel.
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