Making the Powerpack

Home Made Powerpack
Acrylic Block Initial Shape End Cuts
Acrylic Block Initial Shape End Cuts
   Okay, so I could buy a resin powerpack frame from a club member or even a completed unit, but where's the fun in that? :-) I have a bunch of scrap acrylic and boxes full of old electronic components, so let's do it! I laminated three pieces of acrylic together with Weld-On #4 and cut it to size as indicated by Dave Painter's plans. I used a scroll saw to cut out the initial interior shape, then took it to my drill press. I used various Dremel cutting bits along with a cross slide vise to simulate a milling machine.

Crossslide Side Cuts End View
Cross Slide Vise Side Cuts End View
   The cross slide vise made it possible to do things like cutting the shallow slots on the edge connector. I used a ball cutter to cut the rounded slots along the inner surface of the sides, then used a tiny 1/32" ball cutter to cut the holes on the edge connector for the contacts. Along with Dave's plans, I relied heavily on photos of the original Librascope card from Mike Davis, and the duplicate powerpack from Bill Kendzierski.

Painted 1 Painted 2 Contacts
Painted (Side View) Painted (End View) Contacts
   I sacrificed some accuracy on the paint colors to go with what I could find, locally. I cut pieces off a 1/32" x 3/32" brass strip and inserted them into the connector end, to simulate the contacts.

Connector 1 Connector 2 Connector 3
Connector Connector Connector
Connector 4    Someone located the same type of connector used on the original Librascope cards, so I bought one. I'll chop off the portion this replaces on my acrylic machined version.

Last updated on Monday, July 28, 2014