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Angling for Credit
Welcome to the home page of Penn State Fly Fishing Education.  Many major universities have both educational and sporting traditions that they proudly display.  At Penn State over the past 70 years our fly fishing and angling education programs have developed into one of our proudest traditions (and you thought we only thought about football). Located in the central mountains of Pennsylvania and surrounded by number of high quality trout streams, we have long been the destination of avid outdoor students.  With today’s fast pace and increasing life pressures many of our students search out these streams as sources of relaxation and recreation.  We are proud to help our students become better Fly Fishers and stewards for all our waters.  As you investigate our web site you can learn more about our history, about our instructors and about our course offerings.  We also have a unique and very active student Fly Fishing club that you can locate through our links section. If you have any questions about our programs contact the instructor at his email address. 

Currently there are three angling classes offered for credit that can be used to satisfy general degree requirements:  

   KINES 004 Principals and Practices of Fly Fishing for Trout
   KINES 008 Introduction to Casting
ARNELLE INITIATIVE Multi-cultural Introduction to Fly Fishing
   KINES 093 Masters of Fly Fishing
Principles of Fly Fishing is the core class that George Harvey made famous.  Casting is based on tournament type bait casting, but some time is spent on spin and fly-casting as well.  While this is taught in the main gym of Rec Hall, several field trips show students how their developing talent is applied in the real world. Arnelle Fly Fishing Initiative, is a special edition of our popular KINES 004 Principles course that targets undergaruate students who are willing to try a new activity. Masters of Fly Fishing, the newest component of the angling program, is for students who have taken at least one of the other fishing classes or can show a high level of interest and skill. This is one of several Esact activities chosen for the Masters Program, which clusters activities that students can use for the rest of their adult lives. Fly fishing is the perfect fit as a lifetime sport, and what angler would not be excited about getting credit for becoming a better fisherman?  If a student angler is interested enough in the sport, he or she can get up to 6.5 credits towards graduation. 

Please take the time to review our site and to make any comments or suggestions.  We value your input!  Once you have fished around in these waters, feel free to catch us in class...we won't ever feed you a line...

 How can you not get hooked?

Mark A. Belden
Course Instructor

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updated 20 April 2005