Top 13 Things about Video Conferencing:


Arrive Early to the room (Different than phone, attention to detail makes the conference)

Connect Early - plan 15 minutes to test audio and video quality, troubleshooting time if trouble arises.

Mute your mic.  This is important even if you are not speaking, as room noise can be amplified and distracting.

If you can not see their slides, tell them.  If their camera is pointed to the wall, and not the instructor, tell them.                     (Ask them to frame properly, people should not be a dot in a room, should look like a news anchor shot)

Wear proper clothes.  Never wear mostly white, light reflects into camera.  Avoid stripes patterns, for compression reasons.

Mic placement.  Do not: cover with papers, put behind laptop screen, put near projector fan output, leave in drawer.  It should be equal distant from all participants.

Speak up, use your presentation voice.  If you are a quiet talker, this may effect how far sites hear your audio.

Respect the Speaker.  Avoid side conversations, or inappropriate face expressions.  Do what you would do face to face.

Plan Ahead.  Email presentations or agenda.

Encourage interaction from all sites.

Make use of video.  Use Document cameras including 3 D objects, VHS or DVD, and Computers.

Be nice to Codec.  Do not throw remote, touch camera, or pull cables.

Disconnect calls when done.