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These are success stories that I have participated in, have been told happened, or I made them up.

bullet The Penn State Bridge supported 18 sites that connected for a technology seminar for 2 hours.  The sites connected early, and the moderator followed the list of Etiquette for Video Conferencing.  The sites that were not talking, stayed muted.  Thanks to all who participated in the session.
bulletHR Benefit training to Commonwealth Campuses.  Sites were invited to connect, and listen to a short presentation about the program, and then was followed by a question and answer segment, where sites were invited to ask specific questions about their program.  This was very interactive, and informative for all sites that were involved.

Please look at the cost comparison for the above event:

     5 fleet vehicles, 22 employees traveling time 1 to 3 hours per person, parking charges or hassles, setting a room for 30 participants. Price estimated at $2,500.00

    Video conferencing cost: electricity of the Codec estimated at $25.00  The codec for each campus was within walking distance of everyones office.

bulletA Campus French class dialed to a video conference site at a University in France.  The U.S. Students spoke in French, and the French would talk to the U.S. students in both French and English.  Toward the end, they got to talk about computer games, cute boys they saw in the rooms, and laugh as how some of the U.S. students said the wrong phrases.
bulletA group of students in the U.S. connected to a video conference site in Iraq.  They got to ask questions about each others country.  This was well structured and went very well for all parties involved
bullet10 Interviews, 10 Different individuals, 10 different states, all done in 10 hours.  A group of 5 people wanted to interview for a new opening.  They found 10 qualified applicants, and wanted to interview each one of them. Finding a time that all 5 directors was difficult, as each ones time is very valuable.   Each of the applicants went to an interview location, usually within 10 minutes of each interviewees location (office or home).  They connected and would meet one on one (5) in an interview with each being able to see and hear each other, and in some instances, the interviewee would provide samples or examples of their work, either holding the object up, or placing it on a document camera for detailed explanation.  They would disconnect from the participant, and take 5 minutes to discuss the applicants potential for the new position.  Then they dialed to the next location, and after a brief audio and video test, they began their next interview.
bullet     There is no cost comparison for this, the costs would be difficult to determine, but I believe the costs to interview 10 employees would be more expensive in person, while the almost same results of an 'in person' interview could be achieved with video conferencing.   
bulletOne group of advisors only met once a year, and tried to cover everything in that half day session.  With video conferencing, they now meet once a month for one hour.  Their year meeting is much less stressful, and they are accomplishing more things efficiently meeting, updating and changing every month instead of waiting once a year.  Again, video conferencing does not need to stop travel.  Getting together is beneficial.  Video Conferencing only enhances the ability of getting together to accomplish tasks.
bulletThink of how you could put Video Conferencing to use for you.

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