How do I schedule a video bridge conference on the Penn State Video Bridge.

            (A bridge is required if 3 or more sites are connecting)

        Call 814-863-8906 or go to


There are to be 5 sites connected and we only see one site.

Your session could be using video switching, a standard mode where the site speaking is seen by all sites.  If the other sites are muted, the bridge will not show their video.

Solutions.  Ask if the site is there and connected, when they respond, their video will appear on the screen.

or in the future, there are other bridge setting that can be requested to achieve different formats, like 9 square.


I am trying to dial out over IP.

Several issues,

 if you have a Picture Tel unit, you will need to dial the E.164 IP Alias for the site you want to connect to.

If you are dialing within Penn State, you can dial the 5 digit IP Alias.

If you are dialing outside Penn State (a non-Penn State location), you can connect with a Global Dialing Scheme, if the site you are connecting follows this form, otherwise you can use a common gatekeeper, or dial an IP address directly if able.

Is there an internet connection to the codec or network interface, is it Internet2 or a quality of service connection.

What type of codec are they using, some units use different compression algorithms.