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Welcome to my Web site!

This web page is my personal list of things I would like to share about video conferencing.

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bulletTop 13 things you need to know about Video Conferencing
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bullet Video Bridge


Feedback is a speaker output sound reaching a microphone connected to the same speaker amplifying the signal.  This loop builds to what is called feedback.  Mute the mic stops the loop, until you can fix the problem (audio to loud, placement)

Computer Presentations:

Limit details, art work, moving text, colors

Lights, Color, Action: proper lighting, be aware of too much movement of objects, zoom in if far away

Place Test calls: always good to test in advance.  This makes sure that systems are compatable.

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What can you do with Video Conferencing, expand the box. (dont just think outside of it)
bullet18 sites connected for a 2 hour meeting
bulletHR benefits training to commonwealth locations
bulletUS French class dials students class in France, Political Science class dials Highschool in Iraq
bullet10 interviews to 10 different people, in 10 different states, in 10 hours.
bulletWhy travel.  Look at the costs.

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