Updated:March 18, 2008

Getting Started

As a manager you should begin to develop a personal philosophy of leadership and management.

As you read my Leadership Philosophy, take sometime to outline the principles that you follow in managing/directing your team.

Jody's Leadership Philosophy

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A leader and manager is someone who sees an obstacle and he or she does not stand behind it, or look for ways around it, they face it head-on.

It is necessary for leaders and managers to create a supportive, healthy, responsible, and respectful environment where the individuals participating in a process have a shared purpose and vision. Also, a great leader and manager must have creditability; this is essential because without it, no one will follow you.

The ability to effectively communicate is essential for a good leader and manager. You always want to tell the truth and help people cope with the realities of change. Behavior and action are also ways of communicating, and leaders and managers have to learn how to create a consistent message through all of these.

Individuals at all levels of an organization, particularly leaders and managers, need to be able to take responsibility for their decisions. If necessary, share the responsibility when the outcome isn’t perfect.

Leaders and managers must support personal and professional growth, encourage staff to always strive for their professional and personal best, and celebrate them when it occurs.


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