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Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park
Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Many travelers trek to Yellowstone National Park (YPN) with the intention of seeing grizzly bears. Over the past three years I have traveled to the park desiring the same encounter! During my 2007 trip my fortune changed – 10 fold. . .

On a brisk and sun-filled morning, I saw a mother grizzly and her three cubs trolling across dew filled fields foraging for food. Later that same day, I rounded the bend of a winding road and there stood a young male grizzly eating clover from the roadside. Every so often lifted his head, I suppose in wonderment of the commotion he had caused.

Oh but wait there’s more – bears that is! In the mid-afternoon on a different winding road, a mother grizzly with her four cubs in tow were working their way along the hillside – talk about a commotion.

Later I spoke to a park ranger who told me that large cub had been adopted by this mother.

This was a truly memorable experience…

Bears Galore
Mom with four cubs
Male eating clover
Mom with five cubs
Updated: March 16, 2008