These are the first pages of

Janet E. Moyer

This is my first attempt to create a webpage and to start a new career at Penn State University. My old position has been "recycled" into something new and creative (I hope).

This are the pages where I will share some of the areas that are most important in my life and those that will explain a little more about some of the places and things important to me.


The Pennsylvania State University

First, is the love and loyalty I have for my University. You can check out this beautiful place below:

The Pennsylvania State University

e-Education Institute

Next, is the location of my new home. Read about the work being done by this great group of people whom I will be working with in the future:

e-Education Institute

Some of the resources on this site are:

    • e-portfolio
    • general education projects
    • outreach projects
    • research
    • community
    • contacts

Come back and visit often. This site will be my ongoing "work in progress" during my time in class. Visit often to see the new things I am learning (and how the updating of the files are coming along).

My site will consist of present and past, interests and background, hopes and dreams, and all my "work in progress" as I learn the trade.