Jan's Present

At present, I am a Staff Assistant in the Department of Energy, Environmental, and Mineral Economics at the University. Due to the small size of this department, and the current need to cut spending, the "powers that be" have deemed it time to go. We are now spending our time seeing the current students through to graduate (and closing out a history of many, many years). It is quite sad to watch this process.

My duties have been many. I handle the Graduate Program for this group, transcribe dictation, type manuscripts, develop graphics, oversee computer labs, and many other duties too numerous to mention.


Jan's Future

These are the plans for my new position here at Penn State.

I have been asked to take a position with the e-Education Institute in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. This will be a position involving administrative duties (which I have performed in the past), as well as new duties involving responsibility for:

This is new territory for me. It is something that I have always wanted to pursue, and now I have been given the opportunity!