Jan's Background

This is to be a page with the attributes I bring to this new part of my life. Since I am embarking on a new adventure, I bring many experiences from the past that should serve to give me a strong foundation on which to build.

In the past, I have been able to accomplish all the "tasks" handed to me (not always in a grand style, but I have worked hard and accomplished much). Now it is on to the next assignment.

My present career started at Penn State (1965 at the age of 17), took a turn to Washington, DC (1970), on to Pittsburgh, PA (1973), and then returned to Penn State (1992). An amazing circle of 38 years! One day, I would like to write a book about these adventures (trust me, it wouldn't be boring). In between, I have managed to survive divorce, raise two wonderful children, work full time, and maintain my sanity. Now, I love my life and am extremely happy with ME as a person.

A side "claim to fame" is being a granny (to my two grandchildren and seven step-grandchildren). While having a career is fruitful, I must say that this granny business is a blast.

Well, this is the beginning with much more to come.

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