Sometime near the end of May (Part 2): Homage to Catalonia - Barcelona, Spain:

After an all-night train ride with no less than four train transfers, we arrived in Barcelona. We quickly found a place to crash on Las Rambas and at 11 AM laid down for some much needed rest. Joey and I were the only people present in a room with 16 bunk beds, lying down, exhausted after a sleepless night. A drunk guy with a pink mohawk then stumbled into the room. He walked to the bed next to us, dropped his pants to the floor and started pissing all over the mattress. It's 11 AM and this dude is still fucked up. Welcome to Barcelona. After not waking up to Joey half-assed attempts ("Dude, wake up, dude, that is NOT cool, dude…ah fuck it.") he picked up the mattress, put in on his head and walked out the door, his pants still around his ankles. The mattress wouldn't fit through the doorway so he rammed it in knocking himself over in the process. We heard a loud crash in the hallway and continued reading the Let's Go guidebook…

Barcelona was a lovely mix of partying and culture. The Picasso Museum was superb. So were the ladies on the beach. The tapas bars, the street hustlers, the street performers along Las Ramblas made for a very enjoyable place to hang out.

One night after partying with some German friends, at around 4 AM, two men almost got into a fight over a taxi cab on Las Ramblas. Joey decided to be a drunken meddler and said "Tu eres chilango? Yo pienso que tu eres mas fuerte que un Catallano!" He told the one guy that if he was from Mexico City he would've totally won the fight. Joey then told him the other dude was all bark and no bite. The guy from Mexico City was getting madder and madder and louder and louder. The original guy who was arguing with him wasn't too far away and heard him. He returned, walked up to the Mexican and beat the living shit out of him while Joey stood next to him and ate a bag of Doritos. When the fight was over Joey said, "Lo siento." Sorry about that. On that note, I'll pass out.

The next day we went to see La Sagrada Familia. It is a modern-day cathedral by Antoni Gaudi that is still under construction. It was inspiring to see such a spectacle of human achievement. I was very proud of humanity in general and to see that we are still capable of such grandiose feats of architecture. This is the great pyramid of our generation and walking through this place was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

While at La Sagrada Famila we met two travelers from Guernsey, a small English Island off the coast of France. We were drinking giant 1 liter mugs of beer and they kept buying more rounds. We realized that we had a train to catch Joey told the bartender that he needed his last beer to go. By this point he was pretty well gone and it seemed reasonable that the bartender filled some 1 gallon jug that looked like it was previously filled with some sort of cleaning product up with beer. Soon, Joey's sprinting barefoot full speed to catch a train to Las Ramblas, get his backpack, and then catch another train to the station…all while sloshing this gallon jug of beer everywhere. We make it to the train within a minute of it pulling away and immediately fall into a nice sleep on our way to Bobadilla station in the south of Spain…we're heading to Africa baby!!!

-- Albert Einstein