March 10th - March 15th: Einstein Southeast Asia Part 1: Singapore, Malaysia, and Southern Thailand:

After 23 days of living on a boat, we arrived in Singapore, we promptly went to Chinatown to eat and party and then booked a not floating accommodation in the Little India district. In India, they eat with no utensils and only their right hand. If you want to know why, it's for a reason that I as a physicist cannot bring myself to type. Nonetheless, the food was incredible and we saw some great guys juggling pot and pans and spatulas. Street mimes and kitchen-ware is a win win combination.

We split from Singapore and took a bus to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Joey's backpack was unloaded by some kind valet...somewhere quite far away from where we got off. Luckily, we met a nice girl who spoke fluent Mandarin and she made some phone calls and miraculously we were able to get it back. KL is a wannabe Tokyo modern city. They have the cool monorail and the largest twin towers in the world, but they just don't have that Star Wars Episode 2 quality that makes you feel like you're in the future. Maybe it's just because they understand English. We slept in the Arab section with some guys who were fleeing from terrorists in their country. It was insane to wake up to eerie pre-dawn Muslim music like the begging of Black Hawk Down. We had to eat sitting on the floor and got in trouble for wearing shoes.

We took a train from KL into southern Thailand to Hat Yai and then went to Krabi and then to Phuket. Phuket sucked us in. They LIKE tourists. EVEN AFTER THE TSUNAMI. QUIT TELLING PEOPLE IT IS NOT RESPECTFUL TO GO. We had the beach to ourselves and saw all the places we saw on the news. Joey got a job as an non-speaking actor in a made for TV German movie. Look out David Hasselhoff. A German woman stopped us and asked what were were doing and pointed at the actors and actresses and said they are very famous. Yeah right! I never saw any of the in Most Vertical Primate OR Most Extreme Primate. We worked 12 hr days on a beach that was closed for shooting of the movie. Getting paid to lay on the beach is cool.

We also made some friends who give adventure tours. They let us go for free on tours and we would ride elephants, ATVs, whitewater rafts, Land Rovers, vines and anything else that gives a rush. It was cool until they tried to drown us because they thought we'd get an adrenaline buzz. Two of them flipped our boat over in a river and held us down underneath it until Joey drank about 2 gallons of Thai river water. Bring on the cholera!!!! It was all in good fun and afterwards they took us out for passing their test. We invented a sport called Land Rover surfing where you stand on the hood of a Land Rover while speeding down mountain roads. Don't try it at home kids.

We're 12 time zones away from home. Halfway!!!!!! So far we've traveled by: Train, bus, car, subway, Land Rover, cargo ship, ferry, cable car, monorail, longboat, canoe, raft, sea-kayak, elephant, four wheeler, motoscooter and bed of a pickup truck. By this point, Joey has been scratched by a bear, bitten by a monkey, and stepped on by an elephant. Soon we're heading to Cambodia....

Rock and roll and physics,
- Albert Einstein