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Things I do:

  • I HAD one of these!
  • Anti Spamming Resources
  • I work for Penn State in Digital Library Technologies as a Systems Engineer (Systems Design Specialist - Lead). Tasks here are wide and varied, supporting our Novell Netware workstations and servers, playing the role of Postmaster for our Email environment, and doing development work specialized to Operating System specifics or outside the normal LIAS development work done by the other programming staff onsite. Some of these tasks involve interactions with Vendors and their ilk. Some additional PSU resources may be found here.

  • My college years were spent at Indiana University of Pennsylvania under the tutelage of a number of very special people, some faculty, some professional staff, some just good people. I attended the 1999 Homecoming event with my family, and managed to get some pictures, including some classmates I hadn't seen since graduation in May, 1976! After IUP, I spent 10 years in the computer center at Grand Valley State and the Grand Rapids Michigan area.
  • My family relocated to Pennsylvania from Michigan in 1986. We still have some interests there, of course.
  • I thank all of you for providing me with such a rich list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), so here are some answers which may help out.
  • I am somewhat active in ENCOMPASS, the Enterprise Computing Association, and have found some relevant web services for ENCOMPASS and/or OpenVMS. Incidentally, I did a presentation at the Fall 1998 DECUS National Event in Los Angeles. An update to this presentation was made at the Fall 2001 Compaq Enterprise Technical Symposia in Anaheim.
  • I also work with the VMSGopher-L membership on the development of Gopher servers and clients for the OpenVMS operating system.
  • Although I don't get to do it much anymore, I am an avid fan of Ballroom and Swing Dancing. I lurk on the Ballroom discussion list, posting occasionally. I have taught locally and in Michigan, where I began my dance studies over 15 years ago.
  • My son joined Cub Scout Pack 50 (State College, Pennsylvania) as a Tiger in 1993, and I became a Den leader for BSA Pack 50 in September 1994, when he moved up to a Wolf den. When he graduated to Boy Scout Troop 32 in State College, I continued in the role I assumed in May of 1997, Cubmaster of Pack 50. That role ended at unit recharter in April, 2000. After three years as Cubmaster, it was time for somebody else to take the reins. I transfered my registration to the district level, assumed a role as a member at large of the District Committee, and served as Training Chair (Cub Scouting) for the Nittany Mountain District, Juniata Valley Council, for three years. Currently I continue to serve as overall Training Chair for the Juniata Valley Council.
  • On occasion, I put on my engineer's cap & try to work on my model railroad. I've collected some Web-based Model Railroading resources here. Note my primary interest is HO, steam, and realistic scenery. If the trains run, fine. But if they don't, it really doesn't bother me! My most daunting task right now with my Model Railroading is trying to get a room in my basement prepared adequately to house a pike, which I've never had close to up beyond benchwork stage yet!
  • On other occasions, I look at the military miniatures (54mm) which are sitting on the shelves as yet unpainted and promise myself I'm going to get back to that, someday, too. Interests there lie primarily in American Colonial, Revolutionary War and Civil War figures, with some portrait figures thrown in and the occiasional novelty Sci-Fi/Fantasy figure as well (e.g,. Star Wars' R2D2 and Ann McCafferty's F'lar & Mnementh of Pern)
  • I love to read, mostly Science-Fiction (and the tastes here are wide and varied, including but not restricted to the greats [Asimov, Clarke, Heinlein...] and the nearly great [Robert L. Forward, Alan Dean Foster, Greg Bear, James P. Hogan, Robert L. Forward...], but also sub-genres like Star Trek and Star Wars).
    Recently (last few years) I've also devoured most of Tom Clancy's works and have begun to follow the genre he's helped to create and popularize, the techno-thriller.
  • My occasionally whacked sense of humor draws me to several other oddities of WebSpace. I try to collect useful web tools, such as search engines.
  • I also find myself reading a lot on the Internet. Some newsgroups I find interesting are listed here.
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