Virtual Disaster Medicine

Perioperative Training Center (VDMPTC)

A joint educational project between

The Department of Anesthesiology

University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pennsylvania State University

College of Medicine Simulation Lab

The University of Texas Medical School at Houston

Department of Anesthesiology




Mission / Methodology




Charter Members




Modules (Basic):


Basic Review of Endotracheal Intubation for Providers at a Mass Casualty

A review of terminology, equipment and techniques for airway management of a mass casualty victim.


Supraglottic Airway Management (under development)




Modules (Advanced): (to be developed)


Review of the ASA Airway Management Algorithm


Review of airway anatomy


Evaluation of the difficult airway


Medical conditions affecting the airway


Advanced Airway Techniques Part 1 - Advanced masking techniques


Advanced Airway Techniques Part 2 - Supraglottic airway options


Advanced Airway Techniques Part 3 - Flexible fiberoptic tracheal intubation


Advanced Airway Techniques Part 4 - Novel airway devices


Surgical Airway Techniques


Pediatric Airway Management


OB Airway Management


The Airway in Trauma


The airway in the ICU


Extubation of the difficult airway patient








The initial funding for this project is supported by a generous educational grant from Karl Storz Inc.