is a joint project by


Virtual Disaster Medicine

Perioperative Training Center (VDMPTC)

A joint educational project between

The Department of Anesthesiology, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine Simulation Lab

Department of Anesthesiology,The University of Texas Medical School at Houston




Support the disaster medicine perioperative medical training needs through a collaboration between academia, industry and government.



  • Members will submit manuscripts to support disaster medicine training needs.

  • These will be peer reviewed by a VDMTC board or a collaborating medical journal.

  • After peer review the materials will be web based as a virtual training module.

  • These modules will be available for use without charge to anyone needing medical training in disaster medicine.



The web site will be established at Penn State.  Any member is welcome to link or mirror the site to their university or corporate site.