Greetings from the new and improved Whitehead clan!!

As you all probably know we expanded our family with the birth of our daughter, Kylie Alyssa, on June 29th 1998 at 9:20 p.m. weighing 8 lbs. 4 oz. and a long 23 1/2 inches.

I am going back to work part time, having every Thursday and Friday off till the first of July 1999. I was glad to get back to work (especially on this schedule), but also miss the girls. Michala really was my "best buddy" during my time off. I tried everyday to have stuff planned for us to do. I hope she doesn't ever forget the great summer we had together this year.

Michala will be turning 3 years old soon (November 22nd). She's at that cute stage now with some of the remarks and jesters she comes up with. She is growing up so much so fast! She loves her sister and has been a great "big sister" with Kylie. She just mulls the poor child. For Halloween this year we dressed them up as "Beauty and the Beast" with Michala in her "Belle" gown and Kylie in her fur headband with ears, a tail and a red cape around her. I even made her furry shoes to wear. We will have pix posted soon.

We have Michala in story hour at the library every Wednesday and then taking gymnastics every Thursday. You should see this little petite girl walking and hopping on a 3 ft balance beam and also doing somersaults on the bars! The instructor said she thinks Michala is the littlest one she's had yet.

As for myself, I started taking aerobics...yeah you heard me right! If you really know me, you know how much I HATE to exercise let alone walk to my car! HA! I also joined the gym and have been working out 3 times a week. I have to get some of this baby fat off of me! I really do love the working's the aerobics I hate! So now that I'm back to work and can't do as much at the gym, I've joined weight watchers with the other girls here in the office. I'm very impatient at this "weight losing" stuff!

As you all probably know, we traveled to Kansas City in September for Jim's "Linemen's Rodeo". Jim and Tom are on the same team which placed 154 out of 198 teams. They were surprised cause they thought they did worse than that! HA! It just wasn't their day. The weather for the event was in the mid 90's and very humid. The kids, of course, were not too happy so I took them back to the pool which meant I missed seeing him compete. If it wasn't for Nana Whitehead, I would of been pulling my hair out by the last day there. She was a BIG help!