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Elaine Weirich (also known as JElaine & Elzine)






Fall of '98 my daughter Emily began studying photojournalism in the School of Visual Communication at Ohio University (*not* Ohio State). I am very proud of Emily and her accomplishments both in and out of school. She attended the Friends Playschool, Easterly Parkway Elementary, and the Delta Program of the State College Area School District (SCASD), where she was a SCAHS Faculty Scholar. She received several awards for community service during her high school career, and in her senior year she instituted the PSU Ice Pavilion's ISI Special Skater Program. Em enjoyed her college adventure; learning, taking pix, teaching skating, working in the university library, making new friends, and staying in touch with the old ones.

May '02 update: Emily had a dream-come-true internship during 2002 winter quarter with the Salt Lake Tribune . The paper's regular photographers got the best Olympics assignments, but Newsweek (Feb. 11, p.46) used one of Em's pictures during that time -- that was very exciting! I'm still VERY proud of her!

Winter '04 update: Emily graduated from college June of 2002, then came home to State College and lived with me for a while. On May 10, 2003, she moved to Los Angeles, and I miss her LOTS. She is rooming with good friends (I hope they all remain friends, despite living together!) and she is working in the Reasearch Institute Library of the Getty art museum.

Winter '05 update: By the time her contract ended at the Getty last summer, Em had begun working her way toward full-time coaching at the HealthSouth (changed toToyota) Training Center ice rink in El Segundo. She now has many students, is coaching a synchro team, and is starting a second synchro team. Look for her students at the Olympics in about 10-15 years (most of them are little tots, now)!

Winter '06 update: Emily has switched coasts and is now working at the Wollman Rink, Central Park, NYC. She teaches skating, assists the program director, and plans to attend grad school (Art/Photo History) in the city someday. I think she's going to like NY better than LA. We'll see.






After several forays into the world of training and computer support . . .

the dust has settled for a while and I am back in the Nutrition Center with Project PA, working on school nutrition projects funded by PDE.

I've begun to take PSU courses about databases (oo-oo-oo . . . the wave of the future), which so far is fun; except for the long hours of studying, of course.







Photography - mostly of Em (in Ice Rhythms '97 , in Ice Rhythms '98 , and in OU's "Skating Through the Decades," March '99) . I also take lots of pix of other figure skaters (i.e. Charity and Sarah: spiral, layback ). Here's the wildest skating picture I've taken so far: "Gloria in orbit"




Keeping my pets - Casco, Casco and Brak (the bratmeister), and Atherton - and house plants (no pix right now) happy and healthy. Sad Note: After contributing 16.5 years of gentle joy to my household, Casco is no longer there. If a doggie heaven exists, she's collecting big-time up there. She was the absolute BEST.






  • Science Fiction: since I was a little kid, favorite author = Ursula Le Guin
  • Contemporary Fiction: since college days, favorite book = "Catch 22", but I'm thinking of making that a shared honor with "The Poisonwood Bible". Both books were given to me by important people in my life, so, besides being great books in their own rights, the paper mine are printed on is very special to me.
  • Recent Reads: "Everyday Irrationality" and "Look Up for Yes"
  • Currently reading: catching up on some old Newsweeks




Hanging out at home and listening to music


  • and I've started to write a little muxic, too. So far my song topics have been mostly family-related.




Games -


  • Racquetball: I'm not great, but I love to play enough to wear myself out
  • Ping Pong: ditto (yes, you CAN work up a sweat playing ping pong)
  • I also try to ice skate; still working on "3-turns" after all these years.




Plans for the future - Someday I'd like to move back to the woods, indulge more in the hobbies above, learn to play the xylophone, and get out my French horn again and practice it enough that the locals will let me play with them.




A page of links to photos of 2003 Peace Rallys/Marches

Links to photos from my digital camera
(except the "Cysse" folder; she took those).

Links to videos from my digital camera
(and a few other sources).
WARNING: I haven't compressed these. Some are huge.

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