Bias against the new kid on the block?

In 1994, Penn State went undefeated and uncrowned for the fourth time.  Nebraska was voted #1 despite Penn State having:
- a stronger schedule (14th vs. 49th)
- a wider margin of victory (26.0 vs. 22.8)
- arguably the best offense in college football history

Below are two maps of the final AP vote from 1994.  The first shows the entire country while the second zooms in on Big 10 country (note especially the votes of the four Ohio voters - Penn State beat Ohio State that year 63-14).  For an interesting contrast I've also mapped the votes from 1997, the year Michigan and Nebraska split the title.

Click the links below to see animations that make it easier to compare the '94 and '97 votes:
Big 10 Region
'94 AP Vote - U.S.
'94 AP Vote - Big 10

'97 AP Vote
'97 AP Vote - Big 10