We get deserved leaders

Weak-kneed and unprincipled

To the Editor:
Letter writer, Ed Emel, misunderestimates our nation's 44th
president, to use a neoligism made famous by our 43rd. Barrack [SIC] Obama
campaigned on fundamentally transforming our country and he is
delivering on that promise. He has taken the full measure of the
potential political hurdles and found the likes of Republican
congressmen John Boehner and Glenn "G.T." Thompson to be weak-kneed
and unprincipled.

While Emel laments the chaos abroad, he need to look no further than
our southern border to see that our Commander in Chief is completing
his mission by electing a new people via extralegal amnesty. The
push-overs and hacks in the People's House refuse to use their
powers of the purse or impeachment. G.T. and his ilk plan to coast
to reelection in November with the support of their benefactors in
the cheap labor lobby.

Six years into the Obama presidency, we continue to get the leaders
we deserve. History will not judge well those citizens who simply
pulled the GOP lever on November 4th.
John Groenveld

John D. Groenveld <groenveld@acm.org>
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