Trojan Horse

To the Editor:
Letter writer Murry Nelson complains that our Congressman Glenn "GT"
Thompson has failed to publicly capitulate to President Obama and
enshrine Obama's illegal immigrant amnesties in law. But Nelson need
not worry as the fix is in.

GT plans to betray the citizens of the 5th District as soon as the
Beltway oligarchy passes and Obama signs the McCaul border bill.
That Trojan Horse bill does nothing to secure our borders but
provides cover so that GT and Senator Pat Toomey can finally pass
the cheap labor lobby's comprehensive immigration bill.

The most recent evidence of GT and Toomey's treason is their silence
regarding last week's $48.8M fine levied on the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania for the Rendell administration improperly providing
public assistance to illegal aliens from 2004-2010. Our governing elite
keep the citizenry ignorant of how much immigrants cost us in welfare
benefits and depressed wages. They fear our wrath at the ballot box
almost as much as they covet the money and power of "public

John Groenveld
State College

John D. Groenveld <>
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