| I know Congressman Glenn "GT" Thompson to be a gracious and polite
| man. I have the thank you notes for my campaign contributions to
| prove it. Thus I was deeply disappointed to see no apology from
| him in reporter Mike Dawson's recent interview.
| GT should have asked the citizens in the fifth district for our
| forgiveness. He has failed to protect us from the assault on our
| liberties in the form of Obamacare, even while he and his
| congressional staff will be shielded from it.
| GT hints that there will be more opportunities for bipartisanship
| in the future. I am anxious to read more about his proposals
| in the CDT over the coming months, at least until the primary
| filing deadline in February. Will GT's legislation, like the
| budget and debt ceiling resolutions, continue to lead us towards
| national insolvency and require his surrendering on our founding
| principles?

John D. Groenveld <>
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