Some notes from a pointless exchange with RedState's streiff "anonymous coward" regarding Ron Paul - Moral Cretin.

The editor's should have titled this hit-piece:
"RedState's streiff: Lying Liar." I thought that the
anonymous streiff might just be naive and ignorant that
the US supplies some of our allies with Soviet-block
weapons, but then I saw in today's post that streiff
served in the Army. And RedState has covered the
accusations that Ambassador Chris Stevens was killed while
trying to transfer Khaddafi's Soviet weapons from Libya to
Syria. The anonymous streiff knowingly misleads.

There are millions of other reasons that neither Ron nor
Rand Paul are fit for any public office. Some of those
million reasons are currently headed to Tejas looking for
their share of Rick Perry's in-state college tuition
discounts for illegal aliens.

There is little honor in politics or the media, but it is
disappointing to see RedState and a former Army officer
sink this low.

    streiff Mod groenveld • 2 days ago

    I'm always available to help the mentally impaired.

    1. No evidence has ever been presented that Stevens
was involved in arming rebels in Syria.
    2. I acknowledge that Soviet era weapons were provided
by US allies, such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to rebel
groups identified as moderates in Syria. And more likely
than not we transferred weapons in that class to the same
    3. What makes you an imbecile or a shameless liar in
the same class as Ron Paul is equating the incidental and
unauthorized transfer of weapons from rebel groups to ISIS
with the open arming, providing training, volunteers, and
commanders by Russia to Ukraine separatists.

    Thanks for playing though. Hope those meds kick in

Are you going to clear away the foliage from your sloppy hit piece and post a clarification to these knowingly misleading sentences with what you know about US sales and transfers of Soviet block weapons to allies:
| ISIS is not using US weapons. A quick look at any picture
| of ISIS shows they are using 99% Russian weaponry. This
| should not be surprising. The Iraqi Army was and is
| equipped with that weaponry. The arms flowing into Syria
| were primarily Kalashnikov rifles and RPGs because that is
| what the rebels are familiar with. The Syrian Army is also
| equipped with equipment made primarily by Russia.
Perhaps being a FrontPage contributor means you never have to say your sorry at least outside of Disqus, but the moral cretin Ron Paul didn't lie, at least not with these words you quoted in your post:
| "That may well be true, but guess what? ISIS has a lot of
| American weapons. We send weapons into Syria to help the
| rebels and if al Qaeda ends up getting it, it doesn't mean
| our American government and Obama deliberately wanted ISIS
| to get American weapons."
BTW which medications do you recommend to RedState readers to help them suppress their critical thinking and swallow your lies, half-truths and other bullshit. Goodbye. John