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| To the editor:
| Nancy Kelly's recent letter advising taxpayers to gain some
| perspective when considering the brouhaha over the SCASD board's
| first efforts to begin to live within our community's means was
| welcome. While I have not visited her school, I am quite confident
| that the Gray's Woods guidance counselor and her colleagues are
| wonderful educators. SCASD parents tolerate nothing less! Just as
| Dr. Spanier has implicitly counseled Penn State faculty and staff to
| reflect on how lucky we are to be employed, she and the members of
| the SCASD Education Association should reflect on their good fortune
| when considering seniority, pay freezes, increased contributions and
| co-pays to their health care, and the shift from defined benefit to
| defined contribution retirement plans for new hires. Perhaps a field
| trip to Philadelphia schools to see what the Great Society and one-
| party politics has wrought to that community would remind
| Association members what a privilege it is to be a teacher in Happy
| Valley, even as our community, commonwealth, and country make the
| difficult sacrifices in order to honor our commitments to current
| and Baby Boom retirees.
| John Groenveld
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