The State College Original Music Showcase

Welcome to the Absolutely Unofficial, Now Defunct, State College Original Music Showcase. Comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcomed. The Showcase was unofficially organized by John Matthews formerly of the bands Broken and Velveeta. Read more about Showcase in the Tuesday, Oct. 15, 1996 and Tuesday, April 15, 1997 issues of the PSU Daily Collegian.

This page could have been referred to as the Virtual State College Original Music Showcase. The list was modified since John Matthews' beginnings, I included several State College bands. It was far from a comprehensive list, just bands that I caught at the Cafe 210 West among other places. I wasn't very strict about what makes an original band because nearly every band does a few covers and I also wanted to include acts that played non-mainstream stuff.

The Centre Daily Times Weekender magazine is now the best way to keep track of the live music scene in State College. The CDT used to maintain a database of active bands with descriptions and links but no longer does.

The premise of organizing a network of original bands and providing venues where they could play is still a good one. If you are interested in resurrecting the showcase, I might be willing to help.

In 2003, Jeff Sabarese of the band e-Nation partnered with the Rathskeller to present SkellerPalooza. Read more about it in the Thursday, July 3, 2003 issue of Collegian.

Please support original music in Happy Valley.

Formerly Participating Venues
Cafe 210 West
Darkhorse Tavern

John D. Groenveld <>
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