Board should lead by example

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By taking responsibility for his actions, Richard Mextorf is
setting a good example for his former students. (How about this
teachable moment: Dos Locos didn't make him do it!) But while his
charge for the reprehensible act of DUI has been the talk of the
region this past week, I have heard no discussion about what
example the school board is setting by reneging on the district's
previous commitments to Royal Bank of Canada. Is the board
teaching students that it is acceptable to welch on promises? No
doubt the geniuses of the previous board would have done well to
endure a course on personal financial management. (Is that
curriculum offered for the level-1, Penn State bound kids at
State High?) And surely they disregarded Shakespeare's advice to
"neither a borrower nor lender be." But does that poor judgement
justify the current board dispatching Philadelphia landsharks to
attempt to weasel out of prior agreements? (Was SCASD's Happy
Valley counsel not up to the task?) And while we are on the topic
of costly commitments made by previous boards, will this or
future board revisit promises made to its employees and retirees?

John Groenveld
State College


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