Border Security

Our Bagdhad Bob

To the Editor:

Penn State alumnus and DHS Chief of Staff, Chris Marrone, tells 
IST students that the border is secure. Iraq veteran and
SOUTHCOM commander, General John Kelly, warns that there is a
significant risk to our United States from terrorists exploiting
drug cartel smuggling routes, as well as a "Camp of the Saints"
illegal alien surge should the peoples of the Southern Hemisphere
decide that they want their Obama-amnesty, Obama-phones and

I am biased and inclined to take the word of a Marine over a Vince
Fumo protoge, but all citizens would do well to consider last week's
case of Luis Enrique Monroy-Bracamonte. Deported twice back to
Mexico, Monroy-Bracamonte walked past Marrone's 10,000 new Border
Patrol Agents and murdered two California sheriff deputies.

After his Fumo setback, Marrone has apparently proven his loyalty to
his political masters, but when it comes to securing our
sovereignty, he should avoid channeling his inner Bagdhad Bob.

John Groenveld
State College

John D. Groenveld <>
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