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Thanks but it looks like you're referring to news coverage. I don't see
any blasts by anyone. Anyone else involved in the editorial page is gone
and I handle it now, and I've made no blasts at Santorum now or then.

If you have to dig two years back at something that's somewhat strange.

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From: John D Groenveld [] 
Sent: Thursday, November 19, 2009 10:33 PM
To: Letters, CDT - State College
Subject: letter to the editor

In the Centre Daily Times' October 24, 2007 edition, the editors
lambasted Penn State alumnus, Rick Santorum, for having the audacity to
challenge students and faculty to face the threat from Islamo-fascists.
The editors viewed his speech divisive and with the most high-minded
rhetoric likened Santorum to a donkey's posterior. The editors surely
demonstrated their tremendous wits.
However, in light of the Fort Hood massacre by Soldier of Allah, US Army
Major Nidal Hasan, I wonder what the CDT has done in the past two years
of teachable moments to help prepare Town and Gown for the threat from
the jihadist 5th column. If defending us from terrorism and the assault
on our liberal values by Islamists, is above your pay grades, perhaps
you can ask Santorum's successor in the Senate, Bob Casey, Jr. what he's
been doing to strengthen the homeland, when he's not protecting ACORN.

John Groenveld