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To the editor:

President Bush has not effectively communicated to Americans that we
are engaged in a civil war within Islam between reactionaries like
Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who wish to create a
caliphate from Asia thru the Middle East to Europe, and moderates like
Hamid Karzai and Ayad Allawi, who yearn for democracy and modernity
for Afghanistan and Iraq.

He has not adequately explained to the citizenry that the Gulf War did
not end in 1991, that our planes were being attacked daily while
enforcing UN mandates, that the sanctions were causing unintended
suffering on the Iraqi people, enflaming the populations in
neighboring countries and were unsustainable, and that the ouster of
Saddam Hussein and reconstruction of Iraq is only one campaign in that
civil war.

He has not revealed to voters how direct talks with North Korea will
allow China to shirk its obligations to help rollback Kim Jong-il's
nuclear program and would allow the "Beloved Leader" to create a
crisis on the Korean peninsula which America cannot win.

He has not conveyed to the public how bilateral talks with Iran will
allow Europe and Russia to duck their responsibility to help contain
the mullahs' nuclear ambitions and would demean the democratic
aspirations of the Iranian student dissidents and the Iraqi Shia

But for the fact that John Kerry is running for president on my
party's ticket, I would vote President Bush out of office for these
critical failures of communication.

John Groenveld
State College