Failure to act on Planned Parenthood

Do the right thing

To the Editor:
There is no greater sin than knowing the right thing to do and not
doing it.  Letter writer Jean Brooks highlighted Congressman Glenn
"GT" Thompson's ability to articulate the easy case that Planned
Parenthood is in the child destruction, not the women's healthcare

But Brooks failed to note that GT, Paul Ryan and the Grand Old Party
have held the purse strings in Washington since 2010.  Yet each year
they have refused to defund America's largest abortion mill.  The
GOP controls both houses of Congress and now the presidency and is
still writing checks to Margaret Sanger's eugenists.

Central Pennsylvania is not represented in our Congress as K Street
lobbiests have bought our seat.  Hopefully a conservative steps
forward to retire GT via the 2018 primary.

John Groenveld
State College

John D. Groenveld <>
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