Be patient on answers

To the Editor:
The Editors should stop whining that the Department of Homeland
Security is tight-lipped about the recent workplace enforcement
raids in Happy Valley. Perhaps the DHS spokescritters are just too
busy fielding questions from reporters about the current illegal alien
invasion at our country's southern border. Once charges are filed
against the human traffickers and the local employers (or not,) I'm
sure DHS and the US Attorney will have lots to say to the press
about their commitment to enforcing immigration laws. In the
meantime, the CDT should demand more answers from Congressman Glenn
"GT" Thompson. As GT cakewalks to re-election in November, it
might be helpful for voters to learn why the GOP-controlled House of
Representatives hasn't mandated the use of the e-Verify system to
detect illegals' use of fraudulent and stolen Social Security
Numbers, repealed the anchor baby-birthright citizenship, and funded
the National Guard to capture and deport the women, infants,
children (and young adult men) from Central America rushing across our
border this summer for their share of Obama's DACA amnesty and our
generous Federal and state welfare programs.
John Groenveld

John D. Groenveld <groenveld@acm.org>
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