Coach Joe Paterno's Final Lesson

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| To the editor:
| This week someone tore the US flag and its mounting from my home on
| Gill Street. What is distressing is not that an over-indulged,
| under-disciplined hooligan stole something that I earned in
| Afghanistan and hold very dear---petty property crimes committed by
| students and their guests in my West College neighborhood are
| common---but the thought that the young man proceeded to wave it
| thru Town and Gown in protest of Joe Paterno's firing. Coach is a
| great man who has contributed much to Dear Old State, especially
| mentoring future leaders. [But JoePa is only a man and not a god.] His final act of service as a Penn State
| employee was to accept his share of responsibility for the shame on
| our Happy Valley community: the enabling of an apparent serial child
| rapist. I hope that all Penn Staters internalize Coach's final
| lesson: shocked, scared, inebriated, [joyous, angry,] conflicted by ties of love,
| friendship or shared history, we are always accountable for our
| actions.
| John Groenveld, class of 1997
| 814-863-9896

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