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To the Editor:
The Higher Ed bubble is about to burst. Old Main is clumsily, though
earnestly trying to ready Dear Old State for the dot-EDU collapse by
reducing costs. It is embracing MOOCS and distance education,
employing more part-time instructors and adjunct professors,
outsourcing overhead functions, reigning in health care
expenditures, and cutting academic programs which yield graduates
unable to repay their student debt. As the area's largest employer
tightens its belt in preparation for economic crisis, so too must
State College Area School District.
$115 million for a new high school, on top of our previous building
loans and our underfunded pension obligations is too much debt for
the difficult times ahead. For those of us who will be left with the
tab, please vote no on May 20th.
John Groenveld

John D. Groenveld <groenveld@acm.org>
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