Jobs Americans Won't Do

| To the Editor:
| Congratulations to Mike Dawson for getting the money quote from
| Congressman GT Thompson at Ag Progress Days, "we cannot get
| Americans to do those jobs." On the topic of jobs, the next day the
| Associated Press reported that the Commonwealth's unemployment rate
| remained at 7.5% in July. That dismal number does not include those
| Pennsylvanians who have given up the search for work. Color me
| skeptical, but I suspect GT really means that we can't get the
| farmers and ranchers who donate to his "Problem Solvers" caucus to
| pay citizens more than illegal aliens to feed American families.
| Perhaps the next time GT meets with the Editors, you will ask him
| his common sense opinions on amnesty and increased immigration in an
| already depressed job market for voters.
| John Groenveld
| 814-863-9896
| 219 South Gill Street
| State College

John D. Groenveld <>
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