lion grarphicA Page about Path Names

Creating directories and sub-directories will mean that your HTML code will now require a path to indicate where files and images are located on the server. Note: Although the web pages reside under the www directory in a users space, never refer to this www directory when using relative links. The server assumes and expects the directory to be there. No explicit reference to this directory is necessary.

Absolute versus relative path names:

Example of Absolute and Relative Links

Example 1:

Absolute link:

<a href="">text </a>

Relative Link:

<img src="projects.html">

Example 2:

Absolute Link:

<img src="">

Relative Link:

<img src="images/psumark.gif">

When to use an Absolute link:

An absolute path specifies the complete Internet url and are to link files that are not in your same set of files. Links on resumes submitted using the OHR system should only contain absolute links.

When to use a Relative link:

Relative path names specify links to other web pages within your own group of files. Relative links can also be used when linking from personal space to departmental space, however, this can be difficult and may be best done as an absolute link.