Dr. John C. Huttar 1901-1988

Cornell University B.S. 1924, Ph.D. 1928. Dr. Huttar helped organize and was active in PENB (President 1950-1951), NEPPCO (President 1932-1936), New York State Poultry Council (Man of the Year, 1955) and SPICE. Dr. Huttar was a supreme organizer and cohesive factor in advancing the poul­try industry of the New England states. He was an instructor in Poultry Husbandry at Cornell from 1924-1931 and Director of Poultry Management for GLF and Agway Inc. from 1932-1966. He was named a Distinguished Alumnus in 1965, cited by the Poultryman in 1935, and Good Egg Club in 1950, IAPI in 1962 and has been active in church, industry, and civic organizations for more than 50 years.

Hall of Fame, 1974.

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