Black Forest Star Party 2004

The sixth annual BFSP was held September 10-12. After what seemed like an entire summer of bad weather and star party washouts, the weather finally cooperated and served up two nights of mostly clear skies for this very popular star party in north central PA.
The remnants of hurricane Frances had dumped 5 inches of rain on the field earlier in the week, but the rain stopped - almost as if on cue - late Thursday. Entry had been by pre-registration only, with a limit of 450 people. The final attendance figure was 428 paid guests. This does not include guest speakers, vendors, or CPO and park staff. There were also a significant number of local visitors on Saturday evening who were directed to special volunteers on the field.
On Saturday afternoon I attached a small Sony digital camera to an electric r/c airplane and took some pictures of the observing field. The last picture shows a higher altitude view of the far end of the airfield across the highway. Clicking on any of these images will bring up a 1024x768 version. I also have 1632x1224 tiff versions of these files available.