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New Depression Treatment Approaches!

A Combined List of Publications Issued by Scientific Journals from 1998.

Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

This is a place to share experience of the people who are suffering from depression. The page is a source of information on cause, diagnosis, and treatment of depression. There is a special focus on News in medical research of depression, and alternative therapies (not antidepressants) of depression. I would appreciate very much if someone would be willing to share their knowledge and experience with me.
Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Doctor!

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vertical lineDiagnosis of Depression:

Diagnostic Criteria

Brain Imaging

Neurochemical Tests


vertical lineAlternative Therapies:

Nutrition Approach

St. John's Wort

Auditory Integration


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New Medicines
in Development
(1998 Survey)


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